Social Media Basics

Best practices for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Instagram Stories.

Creating and maintaining an online identity; developing strategy and game plan to craft and share professional and personal content. Shooting and editing photos and videos. Proper use of language and hashtags. Followers and following. Expanding networks and building social collateral. 

Content Creation

Promoting exhibitions, events, programs, galas, etc. Sharing reviews and news coverage. Creating and maintaining blogs. 

Live Tweeting, Instagram Live and Instagram stories: Live coverage for fairs, conferences, performances, and events on client's platforms. Instagram and Instagram story takeovers. 

Available in conjunction with content creation for short or long-term engagements. 

Social Media Analytics

Creating staff awareness of and management of Facebook and Instagram ads. What staff need to provide engaging audience-building or sales-driving content. Also available to strategize and/or manage ads on short or long-term engagements. 

Social Media Ads

One-time assessment of the performance of client's existing platforms. Recommendations on best practices for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Social Media Audit

Creating staff awareness of how social media works and what social-media staff need to provide engaging, mission-based content. Creating protocols for sharing and storing information. Designing social-media calendars and integrating them into existing systems. Helping institutions and companies develop practices for inter-department sharing of social-media materials. Teaching small staffs to manage time and content with tactics and tools that work in the long term. 

Content Management