Photography by Aundre Larrow

Photography by Aundre Larrow

Morgan Fletcher is a cultural producer and digital communications strategist with a specialty in advocacy organizations and the arts.

Morgan is committed to empowering cis and trans women and gender nonconforming people as they pursue self-fulfilled lives and work towards their career goals, which led her to her role as a Salary Negotiation Workshop Leader for Ladies Get Paid (LGP) and previously as an East Coast Co-Director of Art Girl Army (AGA).

In her spare time, Morgan teaches embroidery classes, performs voice-over work, and studies languages (French, Italian, and Arabic).

About Ladies Get Paid and Art Girl Army:

Ladies Get Paid's mission is to help women advocate for themselves at work, embrace their ambition and take control of their careers.

Art Girl Army is a diverse community of cis women, trans women, and non-binary and gender non-conforming creatives who believe in their work, in themselves, and in each other passionately and unapologetically. AGA provides a digital space to facilitate collaboration, provide job and networking opportunities, and share resources. On the ground in NYC and LA, AGA provides in-person events for creatives across various artistic fields. 

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